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Dendrobium Orchid Species Crepidatum Without Flowers

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Type: Hybrid


Fragrance: No


Flower Colour: White with Yellow


Flower Size: 2 Inch


Conditions: Intermediate to warm


Plant Size: Matured | Please refer to plant picture for size reference


Pot Size: 3 Inch


Potting Media: Coco Chips 


Suitable for: Home Garden / Balcony Garden 


Dendrobium crepidatum is an epiphytic orchid commonly found in the Western Ghats. This is widely distributed in South East Asiatic countries as well. In Southern India, the distribution of this species is recorded from forests of Northern Western Ghats to the Sothern Western Ghats. This species starts flowering in the month of March and continues to flower in April. When in flower it is devoid of any foliage. It has very short inflorescence and the inflorescence emerge from the leafless nodes. Usually it has seen with at most two flowers per inflorescence. Also when the foliage dries up a thin and netted sheath can be seen on the pseudobulbs.

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