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Dendrobium Orchid Hybrid Aridang Green X Burana Stripe Without Flowers

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Type: Hybrid


Fragrance: No


Flower Colour: Pink with  White


Flower Size: 3 Inch


Conditions: Intermediate to warm


Plant Size: Matured | Please refer to plant picture for size reference


Pot Size: 3.5 Inch


Potting Media: Coco Chips 


Suitable for: Home Garden / Balcony Garden 


Dendrobium orchid plants are epiphytic by nature and require good light and ventilation. The antelopes typically have twisted sepals and upright, twisted petals that suggest an antelope s horns, and have a wider color range. The Dendrobium orchid flower occurs in almost every imaginable color. The flower spikes can be over two feet tall with over twenty blooms on them. The flowers last for 6 to 8 weeks and they make excellent cut flowers. The blooms are all the colors of the rainbow - pinks, lavenders, reds, yellows, oranges and many mixed color combinations.

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