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Shipping Policy

  1. All products are carefully packed and shipped to avoid any form of damage through the logistic partners selected internally at Company's behest. Products will be shipped once the requested product is in stock with the Company.
  2. The arrival of orders depends upon Your location and the carrier; the normal estimated time of delivery is within 1-7 working days for all domestic orders. If the order is not received within 1-7 working days, You should immediately contact Us by emailing at to track your order and help you trace the order in case of delay in transit.
  3. Shipping charges are based on the actual weight or volumetric weight whichever is higher. Shipping charges include the cost to ship with tracking numbers and cost to box and pack and the carrier charge for truck and fuel. Divine Blossoms absorbs routine extra fees when they occur and the charge for shipping quoted in the shopping cart is the charge you will pay regardless. The prices on Website are subject to price fluctuations, due to various factors. Once an order is placed by you, you will be liable to pay such amount as was displayed on the date of the order and the invoice.