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Air Plant Spanish Moss 250 Grams

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Spanish Moss is a long stringy air plant that grows in clumps and is easy to hang from any surface. This plant is actually not a moss, but a flowering plant, grown to create a tropical feel in any space.It is often found hanging off branches of trees and makes for an attractive, natural display. This air plant grows long strands and can easily be divided. The thin leaves are a whitish-grey to green and it does produce flowers, however very small. The flowers are a yellowish-blue and last around four days, offering a pleasant fragrance which attracts pollinators. Like orchids, this is an epiphytic air plant that can sit, anchor, and grow on other plants but does not use energy of host plant or feed on them. Simply hang a clump of Spanish moss in your outdoor or indoor garden and watch it grow.


“ HOW TO GROW Spanish moss ”

Potting: No potting needed hang them on a GI wire

Media: Not required as these are air plants can grow with out media

Fertilizers:  Use water soluble NPK 19 19 19 half teaspoon in one litre of water weekly once thoroughly drench the plant 

Light : Give Morning or late afternoon direct sunlight

Water: Thoroughly water daily

Humidity:  Daily mist the plant with water one to two times

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