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Divine Blossoms High K 6M 13-5-18(+2) Slow release fertilizers

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 High K 6M 13-5-18(+2)

Controlled-release NPK complex fertilizer, fully coated, with an empahsis on potassium and an optimal set of trace elements. For depot fertilization of potting soil, substrate mixtures or top dress and plant hole fertilization.
  • Controlled nutrient release for 6 months
  • Frost-resistant and elastic polymer coating material
  • Climate-adapted nutrient release – ideal for plant needs
  • Homogenous supply of macro- and micronutrients
  • Well-suited for flowering plants and P-sensitive crops
  • Screened granule size of 2,5–3,5 mm for even distribution in the soil
  • Effectively avoids nutrient fixation in soils
  • Less leaching and low salinity
  • Supports the formation of a good root system
  • Basacote® High K 6M is a fully coated controlled-release NPK complex fertilizer. The elastic polymer coating
    ensures an even nutrient release for 6 months. The climate-adapted release (CAR) technology is linked to
    ambient temperature and guarantees nutrient availability according to individual plant requirements. The
    coating and release rates are not affected by soil properties such as pH, microbial activity or salinity.
    Basacote® High K 6M 13-5-18(+2)
    Page 1 · Date 28.02.2023
    Basacote® High K 6M is ideal for depot fertilization of substrate mixtures and top dress for crops with a high
    demand in potassium. Well-suited for P-sensitive crops or soils.
    Mixing into substrate is recommended directly before use (maximum storage time: 10 days). The product
    lasts 6 months under temperate conditions and constant temperature of 21 °C

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