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Dendrobium Orchid Species Aphyllum Without Flowers


Product details

Type: Hybrid


Fragrance: No


Flower Colour: White


Flower Size: 2 Inch


Conditions: Intermediate to warm


Plant Size: Matured | Please refer to plant picture for size reference


Pot Size: 3 Inch


Potting Media: Coco Chips 


Suitable for: Home Garden / Balcony Garden 



Dendrobium pierardii or aphyllum or cucullatum is an orchid found in most collections. It is also known as the ‘hooded orchid’ because of the cone shaped lip of the flower. It is attractive and easily cultivated and has long, pendulous stems that become leafless in the resting period and, for a few weeks during the spring. It carries numerous, pinkish violet, fragrant flowers with a pale yellow or whitish lip. Although there are many prettier species in the Dendrobium genera, few are as rewarding and persistent as the pierardii in cultivation. The species was discovered by William Roxburgh in southern India and described in his book Plants of the Coast of Coromandel in 1795.

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