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Imported Steamed Bone Meal Pellets Organic Fertilizer - 1Kg

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Introducing our Imported Steam Bone Meal - 1Kg, the perfect natural fertilizer for all your gardening needs! Made from 100% pure and premium quality bones, this steam bone meal is carefully processed to retain its nutritional value and ensure the best results for your plants.


🌿 Promotes Strong Root Growth: Our steam bone meal is rich in phosphorus, which is essential for healthy root development. It provides a strong foundation for your plants, allowing them to establish themselves firmly in the soil and absorb nutrients effectively.

🌱 Enhances Flowering and Fruiting: With a high concentration of calcium, our bone meal encourages abundant blooms and improves the quality of fruits. You'll be amazed at the increased yield and vibrant colors your plants will display!

✨ Improves Soil Structure: The fine texture of our steam bone meal helps to improve the soil structure, making it more friable and well-draining. This allows for better air circulation and water penetration, creating the ideal growing conditions for your plants.

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