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Natural Flat Hole Rocks for Aquarium, Mounting Orchids and Air plants - 1 kg

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Enhance your aquarium or botanical display with our Natural Hole Rocks. These unique stones feature naturally occurring holes, providing a visually striking and functional element for aquarium landscapes. Perfect for mounting orchids and air plants, these rocks create a captivating environment while offering secure anchor points for your greenery. Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your aquatic or plant habitat with these distinctive Natural Hole Rocks.



For Air Plants:

  1. Select Suitable Rocks: Choose rocks with natural crevices or holes to provide anchor points for the air plants.

  2. Soak Air Plants: Submerge air plants in room temperature water for 20-30 minutes. Allow them to dry completely before mounting.

  3. Position Air Plants: Nestle the base of the air plant into the crevices or holes of the rock. Use fishing line to secure the air plant in place, wrapping it around the rock.

  4. Add Sphagnum Moss: If desired, you can add a small amount of moist sphagnum moss around the base of the air plant to help retain moisture.

For Orchids:

  1. Prepare Orchids: Remove orchids from their pots and gently shake off excess potting mix. Trim any damaged or rotting roots.

  2. Attach Orchids to Rocks: Place the orchid on the rock and secure it with twist ties or plant-friendly adhesive. Be gentle to avoid damaging the orchid.

  3. Add Potting Mix: For orchids, you may want to add a small amount of orchid potting mix around the base of the plant for stability and additional nutrients.

  4. Secure in Place: Use twist ties or plant-friendly adhesive to secure the orchid to the rock. Make sure it's stable and won't easily come off.

Remember to consider the specific needs of both air plants and orchids, such as light, humidity, and watering requirements, to ensure they thrive in their new mounted environment. Regularly check the moisture level and adjust your care routine accordingly.

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