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Oncidium Orchid Hybrid Jairak Fragance Without Flowers

Size: Flowering Size

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Plant Type


Flower Colour


Growing Difficulty


Plant Size

Matured/ Flowering Size

Flower Size

1 Inch




Intermediate to Warm

Suitable for

Balcony Gardening / Home Gardening

Potting Media

Coco Chips

Plant Dimensions

12 - 18 inches (30 - 45 cm)

Pot Dimensions

3  inch 


Product Information

Description: Introducing the stunning Oncidium Orchid Hybrid "Jairak Fragrance" without flowers, a unique addition to your home or garden. This hybrid variety of Oncidium orchid is renowned for its exquisite fragrance, even in the absence of blossoms. The Jairak Fragrance captivates with its delightful scent, making it a must-have for orchid enthusiasts and fragrance aficionados alike.

Size: The Oncidium Orchid Hybrid "Jairak Fragrance" is a medium-sized plant, growing up to 12 inches (30 centimeters) in height. It features slender stems with attractive foliage, creating an elegant display even when not in bloom. Its compact size makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, such as windowsills, gardens, or balconies.

Color: This particular hybrid variety of Oncidium orchid showcases a vibrant and captivating red hue. The lush foliage complements the bright red colour, creating a visually appealing combination that adds a touch of sunshine to any space.


About Oncidium Orchids

Oncidium orchids, commonly known as "dancing lady orchids," are a diverse and captivating group of orchids. With over a thousand species and countless hybrids, they exhibit a wide range of colors, sizes, and forms. Oncidiums are known for their intricate, often fragrant flowers that resemble dancing ladies, with petals and sepals shaped like skirts and colorful lip petals. These orchids are highly popular among enthusiasts due to their stunning displays of vibrant blooms and long-lasting flowers. Oncidiums are generally easy to care for, requiring bright indirect light, moderate humidity, and regular watering. They make excellent additions to any orchid collection or as gifts for plant lovers.


 How to grow Oncidium Orchids

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