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Vanda Orchid Species Lamellata Var Okinava Without Flowers

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Plant Type Species
Flower Colour White with Brown 
Growing Difficulty Medium
Plant Size Matured/ Flowering Size
Flower Size 4 inches
Deciduous No
Intermediate to Warm
Suitable for Balcony Gardening / Home Gardening
Potting Media No Media
Plant Dimensions 12 - 18 inches (30 - 45 cm)
Pot Dimensions 3.5 inch (vanda pot)


Product Informartion

Description: Vanda Lamellata 'Okinawa' is a species that produces white-colored fragrant flowers with maroon-splashed lateral sepals and a pure white-colored. This exquisite Vanda Orchid species, Lamellata Var Okinava, is a stunning addition to any orchid enthusiast's collection. This particular product is sold without flowers, allowing you to appreciate the unique beauty of the plant itself. With its vibrant foliage and distinctive growth pattern, it is sure to captivate your attention.

Size: The Vanda Orchid Lamellata Var Okinava is a medium-sized orchid species. It typically reaches a height of around 30-40 centimeters (12-16 inches) when fully grown. The plant's leaves are long and slender, adding an elegant touch to its overall appearance.

Color: The coloration of this Vanda Orchid species is predominantly green, with variations in shade ranging from light to dark. The leaves showcase a glossy texture, providing a lush and vibrant display even without the presence of flowers.



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