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Vanda Orchid Species Cristata Species Without Flowers


Product details

Product details

Type:  Species


Fragrance: No


Flower Colour: Yellow with Brown


Flower Size: 2.5 cm to 5 cm


Conditions: Intermediate to warm


Plant Size: Matured | Please refer to plant picture for size reference


Pot Size: 3.5 Inch


Potting Media: Coco Chips


Suitable for: Home Garden / Balcony Garden 


Found in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet province China in montane forests of on moss covered trees that can take some full sun at altitudes of 600 to 2300 meters as a medium sized, warm to cold growing monopodial epiphytic species with a stout stem carrying coriaceous, recurved, truncately tridentate apically, conduplicate, linear leaves that are articulated basally to the imbricate sheathing leaf bases and blooms in the spring and summer on an axillary, descending, short, few [2 to 6] flowered inflorescence with short, broad bracts that are shorter than the leaves.

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