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Vanda Orchid Hybrid Aranda Khaw Phaik Suan x Vanda Jakkit Gold Without Flowers

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Product details


Plant Type Hybrid
Flower Colour Vivid Yellow
Growing Difficulty Medium
Plant Size Matured/ Flowering Size
Flower Size 4 inches
Deciduous No
Intermediate to Warm
Suitable for Balcony Gardening / Home Gardening
Potting Media No Media
Plant Dimensions 12 - 18 inches (30 - 45 cm)
Pot Dimensions 4 inch (vanda pot)


Product Informartion

Description: The Aranda Khaw Phaik Suan x V. Jakkit Gold Orchid Hybrid is a stunning and unique orchid variety that combines the beauty of the Aranda Khaw Phaik Suan and V. Jakkit Gold orchids. This hybrid showcases exquisite blooms with vibrant colors and intricate patterns, making it a perfect addition to any orchid enthusiast's collection.

Size: The Aranda Khaw Phaik Suan x V. Jakkit Gold Orchid Hybrid typically reaches a mature size of 12-18 inches (30-45 cm) in height. The size of the individual flowers may vary but is generally around 3-4 inches (7-10 cm) in diameter.

Colour: The flowers of this hybrid exhibit a captivating blend of colors. The base color is a rich golden yellow, complemented by splashes of deep purple and hints of white. The unique coloration creates a mesmerizing and visually striking display.



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